Alternative History – The Real Enemy

Many things frighten me about the future – climate change, the rise of socialism, CCTV footage of me emerging from four years ago, and dinosaurs coming back for revenge.

A large majority of people believe the dinosaurs were catastrophically wiped out millions of years ago. Frankly, this is not true.
Every bit of documented history has been fabricated, engineered to cover up the many untold wars between Man and Dinosaur.

A vastly superior species in battle prowess and military strategy, dinosaurs didn’t go extinct.
Dinosaurs were defeated and went into hiding where they lie in wait, plotting their vengeance.
Democracy was invented to unite mankind against a common foe. The foe is giant lizards; lizards who could never queue up to vote.

Think about the Moon. Where did it come from? Why does gazing at it stir up many emotions?
The answer is startling. The Moon is man-made. Its purpose, like the recollection of humanity’s greatest threat, has been purposely suppressed, buried beneath the curated sands of time.
The Moon was launched to hang in the night’s sky as a tribute, in memory of those who perished in the last fight against the vile general, Tyrannosaurus Rex.
A memorial humans forgot about.

People called Cryptozoologists track the activities of the remaining lizards.
Deliberately labeled as pseudo-scientists, this allows them to operate without public interference or accountability.
Cryptozoology presents compelling signs of re-emergence, but this information is swiftly made unavailable by organizations insidiously keeping this knowledge, and history, a secret.

Eventually, something of this magnitude becomes impossible to keep hidden. That is why, through movie franchises like Godzilla, Kong, Pacific Rim, Jurassic World, and Cloverfield, the general public is gradually being conditioned in anticipation of a new battle with an ancient enemy.

Global warming is not an accident. It’s an act of war; manipulation of the Earth’s atmosphere by lizards from the shadows.
What loves a warm climate? A cold-blooded reptile.

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