Love is a man that lives in a room at the end of an extensive corridor in the house of your being.
In an unfamiliar place, you open a long-closed door and step into a pitch-black room.

The figure kneeling against the wall gets up.
His eyes adjust to the light. He recognizes his visitor. He shouts. He begs you to leave.

Someone laughs.
A hoarse voice, a bitter chuckle.
Chained likewise to the wall on the right is another man.
His intense eyes, his bared teeth, his proud stand.
You know him. His name is Rage.
He declares, “It’s none or all of us! Choose!”

“How do I get you out of here?” you ask Love.
He responds, “Please don’t. Leave!”

A new voice from the left admits, “There’s a key behind you.”
The third man called Sorrow makes an effort to look away from the light you let in.
Arms around his knees, he sits against the wall, staring at the floor.

You look back at a key hanging beside the entrance.
Your eyes follow the single chain binding all three captives.
You notice the one lock keeping them all trapped here.

You look at each of the three men in turn.
They all share the same face.

They all have your face.

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