Made in China

There are reasons to be suspicious of the Chinese origin narrative.


  • The origin story of Covid-19 is vague
  • Allegations against China are baseless and often racist
  • China endures hybrid warfare employed by the United States
  • The United States has a history of biowarfare and collusion with the vaccine cartel
  • The United States invests heavily in pathogen research
  • This is very much U.S.A vs. China, with China in the ascendancy


The pandemic has been used to demonize the People’s Republic of China. Calling Covid-19 the “Chinese Virus“, the Trump administration and their proxy, the mainstream media, have hurled vitriol at China. Worldwide, ethnic Chinese people are being subjected to racism. Online, racist memes are in circulation.

According to The coronavirus pandemic and US hybrid war on China – with Pepe Escobar, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to sign the G7 joint communiqué until Covid-19 was referred to as the “Wuhan Virus”. Regime-change advocate John Bolton blames China for the coronavirus. The New York Times claims that China is pushing disinformation without a verifiable claim.

“China is the one that’s out of control,” [Fox New’s Judge Jeanine] Pirro spat. “We’re not going to let you destroy this country or our way of life. We’ve fought too hard and we’ve fought too long to lose it to a Wuhan – that’s what I said, a WOO-HAN virus! […] Well start working on how you’re gonna punish, ostracize, alienate, and financially sanction, and make China accountable for what they did to us and the rest of the world!” Tucker Carlson recently had on former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright to tell the audience about the danger posed by the Chinese menace. “This is the third pandemic from China. They come from these dirty markets where they have mice and monkeys with a virus, which is then carried through food,” said Senator Lindsay Graham. Biden’s new campaign ad is straight-up anti-China propaganda.


By alerting the World Health Organization (WHO) to a new pathogen, China set itself up as more of a target for hybrid warfare. Cold War 2.0 rhetoric has been circulating long before the outbreak in Wuhan, and Covid-19 is the perfect excuse to turn up the heat.

The deep state thinks Trump is too chummy with Xi; in Trump’s first Pentagon strategy session, his advisors declared the new threats, since the War on Terror, to be Russia and China

According to Moon of Alabama (MoA), the Democrats and media did not initially want to join Trump in blaming the WHO so they settled on China as the most convenient target. The “Iraq has WMDs” campaigners are now shouting “China lied, people died.”

It goes on to say: “Some lawmakers want to allow random people to sue China over the ‘damage it caused’.” China hawks claim to have three reasons to sue: lack of public hygiene, insufficient information and creating or spreading the virus by accident.

Regarding the first claim, the lack of public hygiene, the Wuhan “wet market” drew a lot of media attention and public scorn. One example is a video, shared by many people online, depicting the Wuhan market as disgusting. Upon closer inspection, the video was from Indonesia – a fake.

Furthermore, MoA explains that “The ‘wet market’ in Wuhan did not have hygiene problems. A ‘wet market’ is comparable to a farmers market (vid). It is ‘wet’ in that it provides fresh products like fruits, vegetables, meat and fish…China has yet to be overrun by super market [sic] chains. Some 40% of the Chinese people source their daily food at the wet markets.” and “The wet market in Wuhan was not the source of the epidemic. It did not and does not sell bats. The epidemic started in December at a time when bats hibernate. The first known case was not related to the market at all.”

The claim that the market was not the point of origin is corroborated by a few other sources. The source MoA cites says that “…in the earliest case, the patient became ill on 1 December 2019 and had no reported link to the seafood market…” “No epidemiological link was found between the first patient and later cases,” the source states. Their data shows that, in total, 13 of the 41 cases had no link to the marketplace. “That’s a big number, 13, with no link,” says Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease specialist at Georgetown University.

Another article quotes the same specialist and casts further doubt that the market is the source. They say that if the new data is accurate, this indicates that the virus could have spread silently in Wuhan and elsewhere. “The virus came into that marketplace before it came out of that marketplace,” Lucey asserts. “China must have realized the epidemic did not originate in that Wuhan Huanan seafood market.”

Referencing the work of Kristian Andersen, an evolutionary biologist at the Scripps Research Institute, who has analyzed sequences of 2019-nCoV to try to clarify its origin, it says that the scenario of somebody being infected outside the market and then later bringing it into the market is one of three scenarios they have considered that is still consistent with the data.

Again, from the Daily Mail this time: “…further doubt was cast on the animal market theory, however, after Cao Bin, a doctor at the Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, highlighted research showing that 13 of the first 41 patients diagnosed with the infection had not had any contact with the market.” “It seems clear that the seafood market is not the only origin of the virus,” he said. Commenting on the possibility of the market being the source, this article says: “The path of the pathogen is still unknown.”

For the American’s second accusation, the one of untimely or insufficient information, MoA looks at the official timeline to dispel that claim; the Americans were made personally aware of an outbreak in Wuhan on January 3rd. Furthermore, the author quotes the German Federal Health Ministry which says: “The federal government is not aware that China held back any data.”

According to this source, it is simply the nature of the Chinese government to react to perceived mismanagement by the Hubei regional authorities. It says: “This vast operation had no public health necessity, other than to prove that the Communist Party still has the heavenly mandate.”

Chinese diplomats have also publically refuted the United State’s claims that China concealed and under-reported Covid-19. This article, quoting Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying, says that: “China has been giving open, transparent, and timely updates…” He petitions the United States to prioritize public health over “shameless” politics.

According to another article, China could not have been covering up what was only identified as a new disease on December 30th. Covid-19 was duly communicated to the WHO. It goes on to say that Robert Redfield, head of the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC), called the head of the Chinese CDC on January 3rd. Chinese doctors sequenced the virus, and on January 8th it was determined to be Sars-Cov-2. The article reasons that the U.S. was, in all likelihood, monitoring respiratory illnesses in China from as early as November.

This piece actually asks the question: when did the U.S. find out about Covid-19? The timeline referenced earlier says that the Chinese let the Americans know on the 3rd of January. This report says that intel collected by the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), a subsidiary of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), warned of a “new virulent contagion” getting out of hand in Wuhan in November, based on “detailed analysis of intercepted communications and satellite imagery”. ABC’s unnamed source says that analysts concluded that it was a “cataclysmic event” with DIA, the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, and even the White House briefed multiple times.

The Pentagon’s Col. R. Shane Day, the director of the DIA’s NCMI, denied the existence of such intel. Pentagon head and former lobbyist Mark Esper also clumsily denies recollection of such intel. The article points out that the only strange pneumonic illnesses around in early November were a few Mongolians (1, 2) suffering from a bacterial infection – not Sars-Covid-2, whose first infection they place around November 17th. Taking into account the timeline, public access to information on the cases of pneumonic illnesses and CIA spying, it is very likely that the previously-denied intel exists and it was not Covid-19-related. So the author begs the question: why was the U.S. monitoring respiratory illnesses in China? How then can the Americans claim China covered up a new disease, identified as new only on December 30th, when they were being watched from as early as November.

The article then references another piece that that reveals that Israel and other NATO allies were warned of a potentially catastrophic pandemic in Wuhan in the second week of November. The intel was deemed not “of interest” but was forwarded by U.S. Intelligence. It seems that somehow the U.S. had advanced knowledge of a pandemic.

For the third American claim, of the Chinese creating and accidentally leaking the virus, MoA quotes this source, including the work of Edward Holmes, a biologist at the University of Sydney and a fellow of the respected Royal Society in London. It says that “Genome tracing has revealed that the bat virus RaTG13 [the specimens kept in Wuhan] has at least 20 years of genetic divergence, or evolutionary change, from SARS-CoV-2, and possibly as much as 50 years, ruling it out as the source of the pandemic.”

Then, according to The Daily Mail, Shi Zhengli, deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, told the press in February that she “guaranteed with her own life” that the outbreak was not related to the lab. Shi admits that she was summoned back from a conference to investigate the new disease and, having checked back through disposal records, none of the genome sequences matched their virus samples. “That really took a load off my mind. I had not slept a wink for days,” said Shi. It is said that many international experts have also dismissed such theories. Dr Keusch, Professor of Medicine and International Health at Boston University’s Schools of Medicine and Public Health, stressed that no release of viruses from a high-level lab, such as the one in Wuhan, “has ever happened.” He defended his peers in the Chinese city as he said: “The Wuhan lab is designed to the highest standards with redundant safety systems and the highest level of training.”

From this source, it says that The New York Times reported that US Deputy National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger asked intelligence agencies to study the possibility of a virus leak from a laboratory in Wuhan in January, but the CIA found nothing suspicious. Also, General Mark Milley, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Tuesday: “There is plenty of evidence that coronavirus formed naturally.” Likewise, Richard Ebright, professor of chemical biology at Rutgers University, explained to The Washington Post: “There is absolutely nothing in the genome sequence of this virus that indicates artificial origin…The narrative of biological weapons must be categorically excluded.”

According to this source, Botao Xiao, a former employee of the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, was the first to write about the biological leak on the internet. He deleted the publication, explaining that the hypothesis had not been confirmed. However, the narrative of the artificial origin of the virus was immediately picked up by Western media and then by Washington officials.

According to this source, the first to report that the virus was a leak from a Chinese laboratory was Radio Free Asia. Radio Free Asia is a U.S.-government media outlet that used to be run covertly by the CIA. Today it is run by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which answers directly to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was CIA director immediately prior to his current post at the State Department. Their source, the same as The Washington Times, is former Israeli military intelligence biowarfare specialist Dany Shoham. Upon inspection, his claim was deemed clearly speculative. According to the source, Shoham was previously wrong about weaponized Anthrax coming out of Iraq.

To summarize, so far:

  1. It is unlikely that the Huanan seafood market is the source of the outbreak
  2. The Chinese were diligent in reporting SARS-CoV-2; in fact, the United States was likely monitoring situations in China
  3. There was apparently no leak from a Chinese germ laboratory

Thus, all three American accusations run out of steam. Simultaneously, there are compelling, alternate paths to explore Covid-19’s origin.


Peter Forster, a geneticist at the University of Cambridge, has identified three distinct strains of Covid-19, types A, B and C. By analyzing 160 genomes, Forster and his team found that the major strain in Wuhan – B – mutated from an earlier version – A. He says that type A, the original infection, likely happened between mid-September and early December.

In Forster’s published work, it says that A is the variant most closely related to the virus found in bats, B is derived from A by two mutations and C is a daughter of B. Again, it is pointed out that Wuhan’s major virus type is B. Versions of type A was seen in Chinese individuals, and Americans reported to have lived in Wuhan. Mutated versions of A were found in patients in the U.S. and Australia. C is the major type found in Europe, including Italy.

Two media outlets (1, 2) report that French scientists have found no direct link between China and their local outbreaks. From over 90 samples, they found strains from one genetic line, following a path of evolution only detected in Europe and the Americas. One of their sources says that “…dominant strains in Russia and Australia, for instance, came from Europe and the United States…” and “They found that the dominant strains circulating in China and Asia were genetically younger than some popular strains in the United States.”

This article, from Chinese social media, claims that the Wuhan version of the virus could have come only from the U.S. because it is what they call a “branch” which could not have been created first because it would have no “seed”. This report says that a large number of type A infection was found in the U.S. A Japanese TV station reports that Covid-19 originated in the U.S.

French scientists have identified the earliest case in their country to have occurred in December – a patient admitted to hospital four days before reports from Wuhan, with no ties to China.

CDC director Robert Redfield admitted some Americans, who were claimed to have died of influenza, tested positive for Covid-19 posthumously. This prompted a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson to ask the U.S. for their Patient Zero, alluding to an American source for the infection. There’s also the case of the Taiwanese doctor suggesting that the vape-related deaths in the U.S. were actually infections that he had tried to warn authorities about. An analysis of his claims also says that Japanese tourists contracted Covid-19 in Hawaii, having never been to Wuhan. Here’s another post suggesting that the strain outside Wuhan can be traced to Hawaii. Hawaii hosted a joint military exercise in November. This article points out that White House meetings regarding coronavirus require a high-level security clearance, and the pathology reports of persons repatriated to the United States from Wuhan, China and Japan are classified.

This post suggests that China has traced the source. Some snippets from the post:

“…a ‘strange pneumonia’ was already circulating in Lombardy in October, November, and December, “before we were aware of the outbreak in China”, according to Dr. Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research”

“What China knows explains what started with a tweet but is now China’s new, active diplomacy: to publicly ask the Americans to come clean and present their patient zero.
That explains the game-changing phone call last week from Pompous Minimus [Mike Pompeo] not to Wang Yi, his counterpart, but to Yang Jiechi at the State Council, Wang’s boss.
Minimus wanted Beijing not to go public with what they already now.
So the perpetrators – whoever they are, that’s still a long way to be established – thought they cold [sic] pull it off.
Yet they did not bring China down.
On the contrary. Once China identified the danger, they went ‘people’s war’ full tilt – and they are winning it.”

In this podcast, they mention that there’s just one type of infection predominantly found in Wuhan. It is also said that the virus strains in Lombardy (Italy) and Wuhan are different. GPs in Lombardy spoke about strong pneumonia in October. This source makes the same claim about Italy experiencing strong pneumonia, this time in November.

The podcast presents another interesting sequence of events. It says that 5 out of 300 members of a U.S. military exercise had flu-like symptoms while staying at the Wuhan Oriental Hotel. They were treated at a Wuhan hospital.

This is expanded on by a timeline presented by the same guest, journalist Pepe Escobar. It starts with this post:

“March 16, 2018: Trump fires the ENTIRE US Pandemic Response Team.”

“June 30, 2019: some sort of powerful pneumonia identified in a Springfield, Virginia nursing home near the Fr. Detrick mega bio lab, and only 15 minutes away from Fort Belvoir, where the 325 US military trained for the Wuhan Military Games.”

“July 12 and July 17, 2019: unidentified respiratory diseases first at an assisted care facility near Fort Derrick (3 dead, 54 ill) and then in the form of an unexplained pneumonia epidemic at a nursing home in Burke, 56 minutes from Fort Derrick.”

“August 6, 2019: the CDC closes the Fort Detrick bioweapon lab – the number one in the US – for reasons of ‘national security’. CDC offers no details.”

“September 14 – October 10, 2019: US military team trains for the Wuhan Military Games in Fort Belvoir, 15 minutes away from ‘shut down for reasons of national security’ Fort Derrick.”

“December 30: Wuhan announces a ‘unknown viral illness’.”

“December 31: Beijing receives virus genome results and then alert WHO about an ‘unknown’ pneumonia. Wuhan announces the unknown virus on CCTV and CGTN.”

This article reiterates the stories of the Fort Detrick bio-lab closing down, the mysterious vaping-related deaths, Japanese citizens claiming to be infected in Hawaii, the five military personnel being hospitalized in Wuhan during the Military World Games. It states: “If some members of the US team at the World Military Games (18-27 October) had become infected by the virus from an accidental outbreak at Fort Detrick it is possible that, with a long initial incubation period, their symptoms might have been minor, and those individuals could easily have ‘toured’ the city of Wuhan during their stay, infecting potentially thousands of local residents in various locations…”

Here again, it claims that the “Chinese government has since alleged that the virus had been brought to China by members of the U.S. military, members of which attended the World Military Games in the country last October.”


So far, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), its pathogen research and production programs, its sponsored operations in China, its alliance with vaccine manufacturers and its ties to the Wuhan Institute of Medical Virology have been left out of the mainstream narrative.

This article lays out some of the details. DARPA has been spending millions on research into novel coronaviruses – specifically those transmitted from bats to humans. Some of those Pentagon-funded studies were conducted at known U.S. military bioweapons labs bordering China and resulted in the discovery of dozens of new coronavirus strains. DARPA also runs the Preventing Emerging Pathogenic Threats (PREEMPT) program which produces easily transmissible super-viruses. One study in Southern China in 2018 discovered 89 “novel bat coronavirus” strains.

It also happens to be two DARPA-backed companies – Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Moderna Inc – that are developing the vaccines to combat Covid-19, funded by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

Inovio previously developed a DNA vaccine for the Zika virus, but — to date — no DNA vaccine has been approved for use in humans. Mentioned in the article is that DNA and mRNA vaccines “possess significant unpredictability and a number of inherent harmful potential hazards” and that “there is inadequate knowledge to define either the probability of unintended events or the consequences of genetic modifications.”

This exposé corroborates the U.S. and Wuhan Institue of Virology connection. They reveal the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), a government agency, awarded a 3.7 million dollar research grant to the institute, which funded research on coronavirus transmission in the lab over the past decade. According to this story, genome sequencing has traced SARS-CoV-2 to the same bats that were experimented on; bats from Yunnan caves almost 2000 kilometres away from Wuhan. This source claims researchers found a 96% match between SARS-CoV-2 and coronavirus samples taken from horseshoe bats from Yunnan.

Distance between alleged virus epicentre and U.S.-partnered lab

The piece goes on to quote U.S. congressman Matt Gaetz who said: “I’m disgusted to learn that for years the US government has been funding dangerous and cruel animal experiments at the Wuhan Institute, which may have contributed to the global spread of coronavirus…” The NIH is listed on the Wuhan institutes website as a partner.

With the Pentagon now in the picture, there are some historically relevant elements that are covered in detail in a two-part (1, 2) exposé. It covers the sinister, suspicious links between a bio-warfare simulation, two pandemic simulations, the 2001 Anthrax attacks and the shadowy cast of money-grabbing, politically-astute, well-connected characters making up the current Covid-19 response effort and vaccine cartel.

I’ll attempt to summarize the main points and it’s relevance here.

Fort Detrick, mentioned several times above, is a U.S. biological warfare research facility in Maryland. It is controversial for:

  1. Highly contagious, deadly and unknown (i.e. classified) pathogens disappearing from its facilities in the 90s
  2. Researchers quitting due to targeted sexual and ethnic harassment
  3. Being the official source of the spores in the 2001 Anthrax attacks
  4. Being the workplace of the researcher allegedly behind the anthrax attacks; initially, this was blamed on Iraq
  5. Having to be shut down by the CDC for numerous biosafety protocol breaches
  6. Working closely with Chinese virologists and labs in Wuhan (the alleged epicentre of Covid-19)
  7. Reopening after heavy Pentagon lobbying, even as local news outlets reported two breaches of containment the previous year

Event 201 was a pandemic simulation of a novel coronavirus that took place just prior to Covid-19. There are frightening parallels between our current predicament and the exercise.

Prior to Event 201, the U.S. government ran Crimson Contagion, their own pandemic simulation. The scenario here was tourists contracting a new type of flu in China. The simulation predicted many aspects of the federal government’s actual response – no rapid diagnosis, no treatment available, no surge capacity in the healthcare system.

Dark Winter was a 2001 bio-warfare simulation; it simulated the use of weaponized smallpox by terrorists. Dark Winter, according to the article, predicted elements claimed by authorities to be surfacing now, during Covid-19; “dangerous misinformation” and “unverified” claims among others, as threats to public safety. It called for martial rules including travel bans and quarantines.

Similarly, Event 201 highlighted concerns over misinformation, disinformation and narrative control, even mentioning the need for social media censorship and limited internet shutdowns.

Key leaders of both Event 201 and Crimson Contagion were involved in Dark Winter. Those individuals played a role in the FBI’s sabotaged investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks and seemed to have had foreknowledge of those attacks. They also have close connections to the insider trading profiting off of the economic impact of Covid-19.

These are the same individuals that are now handling major aspects of the U.S. government’s response to Covid-19, while set to personally profit from the many lucrative vaccine contracts.

One key figure is Robert Kadlac, a Bush administration veteran and former lobbyist. Kadlac led Crimson Contagion. He is now leading the Covid-19 response. According to the article, he is responsible for the increased alignment of Health and Human Services (HHS) – including the NIH – and DARPA.

Another key figure is Jerome Hauer. According to the articles, Hauer “…epitomizes this merging of perpetual hawkishness and corporate pharmaceutical interests, as he has long held (and continues to occupy) key board positions of the very pharmaceutical company that not only sold tens of millions of anthrax vaccine doses to HHS following the 2001 anthrax attacks, but is now a partner in the development of the majority of vaccines, drugs and experimental treatments currently under development in the United States for the treatment of Covid-19.”

In September 2001, Hauer was managing director of Kroll Inc. Kroll Inc. is a private intelligence and security company claimed to be a CIA front. Kroll Inc. was responsible for security at the World Trade Center, yet Hauer was conveniently not there on the day of the attacks. The article says Hauer later worked for HHS, and was a member of the Johns Hopkins Working Group on Civilian BioDefense – co-host of Dark Winter, before joining the board of the biopharmaceutical company mentioned next.

Emergent Biosolutions, previously known as BioPort, is a company partnered with two of the most prominent vaccine candidates for Covid-19.

BioPort has a sordid history involving vaccine monopolies, crisis profiteering and exploitation, federal bailouts, poor sanitation, mismanagement and aggressive government lobbying, to name a few. The company managed to hold the Pentagon hostage, trapped in a perpetual racket, obligated to purchase unusable, unsafe and non-FDA licenced vaccines.

Enjoying a privileged status, and receiving even more funding from CEPI, Emergent Biosolutions would go on to profit from other pandemic scares including Ebola and Zika. Jerome Hauer, working for the HHS in 2001, was instrumental in expanding BioPort’s contracts. The article asserts that Hauer, having participated in Dark Winter, exploited the ensuing panic and had foreknowledge of the anthrax attacks. For example, according to the article, he told officials to start taking an antibiotic to treat anthrax on 9/11, before the attacks.

Thanks to another cosy government relationship, this time with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), Emergent is set to corner another key market, blood plasma treatments. The article claims that it’s not the 14.5 million awarded by BARDA that’s valuable but the access to blood plasma. Blood plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients is being used to treat seriously ill patients; this will eat into that supply – for profit. Jerome Hauer is one of the people who will profit handsomely.

Mentioned earlier is the assertion that the U.S. has been gathering intel on respiratory illnesses in China. Combine that with the Pentagon’s pathogen research and production operations, the close relationship and cast of characters it shares with Big Pharma, and the eery reflections of reality in the pandemic simulations, and it is within reason to be suspicious.

China is not the country with a vile history of biological warfare. The United States is.

And while Covid-19 has the public’s attention, Uncle Sam is weaponizing the crisis to drive its foreign policy, viz. bombs and sanctions, against countries like Iran and Venezuela, and fast-track it’s new Cold War with China. While domestically their people suffer as trillion-dollar bailouts prioritize corporations.

If the allegations so far seem anti-American, note that they have all proactively been debunked by the State Department:



The myth of American exceptionalism is being disproved by world events. Even the fawning over Silicon Valley is diminishing.

Even after being warned on January 3rd, and having full access to a full genome sequence by January 12th, the U.S. still struggled to take advantage of the headstart. According to this article: “The CDC violated its own standards when developing the testing kits in a lab that was also working with synthetic coronavirus material, the Post reported. This led to contamination of one of the components used in the tests, which is believed to have caused false positives in the first batch of tests. The CDC took more than a month to correct the issue, hindering efforts to limit the early spread of the coronavirus in the US.”

And with possible advanced knowledge, they failed to mobilize any effective measures against Covid-19.

A post by Pepe Escobar, referenced earlier, says: “…the situation in the US, in a few days, will be beyond disastrous. So if this is blowback from a biowarfare attack against China – and Iran – no wonder Minimus and assorted Deep State neocons are desperate for Americans to believe it came from a Chinese bat soup.”

Pandemic simulations earlier in 2019 warned that the U.S. is “underfunded, underprepared and uncoordinated…”

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma attempted to send medical aid to the U.S. but this article talks about how “Urgent medical supplies had been blocked by Trump’s trade war with China.” The Jack Ma Foundation have sent test kits, masks, protective suits and face shields to every country in Africa. Meanwhile, American billionaires just keep getting richer.

This piece details how the West flounders to handle Covid-19 because they wasted their head start on anti-Chinese propaganda.

It is Russia, Cuba and China helping the nations of the world, not the E.U. or the U.S.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told reporters that “European solidarity does not exist. It was a fairy tale on paper…the only country that can help us is China. For the rest of them, thanks for nothing.”

That is a geopolitical game-changer and Uncle Sam can’t have that.


According to this column, this is economic warfare against China. This asserts that “the ‘Made in China’ coronavirus label served as a pretext, the unspoken objective was to bring the Chinese economy to its knees.”

China endures perpetual aggression perpetrated by the United States. See the documentary The Coming War on China and the piece The Deeper Roots of Chinese Demonization.

From the article quoted above, this is probably the real reason U.S. authorities want to sue: “Other seek to default on the $1.2 trillion of debt the U.S. owns China.”

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn said, “In order to punish Beijing for hiding information about the outbreak in Wuhan, which started a planetary-scale health crisis, we need to write off some of the American debt in the reserves of the Chinese Central Bank.” Senator Lindsay Graham said, “And I want to start writing off part of our debt to China, because they have to pay us, and not visa-versa!” In this article, it is revealed that several senators have authored and introduced a bill calling for the establishment of a “compensation mechanism”.

From the same source, it says that one collective lawsuit demands 1.2 trillion dollars in compensations. Coincidentally, that exactly corresponds to the amount of U.S. bonds on the balance sheet of the People’s Bank of China. That is pointed out again by Pepe Escobar.

The article continues to read: “The demands of compensation for the pandemic are contrary to both legal norms and common sense. This was pointed out by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday. ‘When we hear the reasoning that China will have to pay everyone for the fact that this infection appeared and allegedly someone didn’t inform someone in time… You know, it passes all kinds of limits and all kinds of decency,’ said the head of Russian diplomacy.

Asserted by this piece, it seems like Washington wants to use demands of enormous compensation as leverage to prevent Beijing from taking advantage of the fact that China managed to cope. Its factories and plants have quickly resumed work and markets are now open to Chinese expansion as Western companies remain idle.

America is, and has always been, threatened by China. In this piece, former President Jimmy Carter shares how President Trump called him worrying that “China is getting ahead of us…” “Since 1979, do you know how many times China has been at war with anybody?” Carter asked. “None. And we have stayed at war.” It is said that the United States has only had 16 years of peace in its 242-year history. Carter calls it “the most warlike nation in the history of the world.” He goes on to point out that while China has 18000 miles of high-speed rails, America has wasted 3 trillion dollars on military spending. Carter concludes by saying: “China has not wasted a single penny on war, and that’s why they’re ahead of us. In almost every way […] And I think the difference is if you take $3 trillion and put it in American infrastructure you’d probably have $2 trillion leftover. We’d have high-speed railroad. We’d have bridges that aren’t collapsing, we’d have roads that are maintained properly. Our education system would be as good as that of say South Korea or Hong Kong.”

In this post, it is highlighted how swiftly China has dealt with the virus, and how they have reached out to other nations offering help. It goes on to comment on how China works hard to maintain its economic viability and trade relationships, without interfering with the policies of the other countries. Compare that to what Jimmy Carter says about America’s tendency to force other nations to “adopt our American principles.”

This article details the hybrid war approach: “Its 24/7 full spectrum infowar arm blames China for everything coronavirus-related – doubling as a diversionist tactic against any informed criticism of woeful American unpreparedness.” Again, it mentions the lawsuit “…To the tune of at least $1.2 trillion, which happens to be – by surrealist irony – the amount of U.S. Treasury bills held by Beijing,…” It calls out how the “…CIA-style narrative translates as evil China never telling us, the civilized West, there was a terrible new virus…”

Ben Norton highlights that anti-China propaganda has worked to turn public American sentiment against China.

Caitlin Johnstone summarizes it nicely: “It’s not a coincidence that the two nations the US political/media class has been shrieking the loudest about lately are the two strongest nations which have refused to be absorbed into the US empire. It’s never been about ‘collusion’ or a virus, it’s about stopping multipolarism. This has been obvious for years, but partisan narrative control masks it. More than two years ago I was writing about how Russiagate isn’t about Trump or even really just about Russia, but about hamstringing the Russia-China tandem to stop China’s rise. It’s not about Covid-19. It’s not about Uighurs. It’s not about a Putin pee tape. It’s not about terrorists. It’s not about weapons of mass destruction. It’s about world domination, plain and simple. And the oligarch-owned political/media class who controls the dominant narrative is helping to facilitate that.

And again: “Imagine being such a bleating, brainwashed NPC cuck that you believe China is your enemy. Rank-and-file Dems unwittingly consented to cold war escalations against Russia out of concern for election interference. Rank-and-file Republicans are now doing the same with China out of concern for a virus outbreak. But both escalations were pre-planned by government agencies. If you find yourself thinking more thoughts about China’s authoritarian government than about the abusive authoritarian governments of US allies like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, the Philippines etc, it’s because you’ve been propagandized to align you with US interests.

This piece says that: “Yet now that the situation in China appears to have stabilized, the country is positioning itself at the head of the global response to Covid-19, adopting a unique leadership position that may alter global power relations…”

In it, Dr. Yangyang Cheng, a postdoctoral research associate at Cornell University, says: “China has, in more recently [sic] weeks, been rewriting the narrative of the outbreak from a scandal, one of Chinese government coverup and mismanagement, to a story of triumph, of Chinese strength and generosity, or even superiority of its governing system. The dysfunction in the White House, and perhaps to an extent 10 Downing Street, has certainly helped the Chinese government establish that narrative.”

Many agree that China deserves credit for having mobilised quickly, efficiently and effectively to confine, contain and defeat the epidemic. That was one of the initial observations that I posted on Twitter:


Chinese diplomacy is usually passive and economic, whereas the United State’s foreign policy speaks for itself:



The aim here was to highlight that Covid-19 has a murky origin story. It would be wise to pay attention to the most violent nation on earth – the one ultimately in control of most of the news – and maybe, society owes China an apology.

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