IWNSPTB III: Wings Are for Chowing

I post my point on the political spectrum here just in case you write me off as a right-wing nut job or unhinged hippie. I side with ordinary people, not a party, echo chamber, ideological bubble or hashtag. Those who represent the greatest threat to peace and prosperity are not conservatives, socialists, conspiracy theorists, immigrants, et al. It is not a virus or terrorism. It is those who hoard wealth, and who legalize the theft and murder used to maintain it. Ultimately, they must be stripped of their power.

Binary, vertical divisions are a false paradigm. We obsess over them but, in reality, society is not arranged that way. It is not left/right, liberal/conservative or Democrat/Republican.

It makes far more sense to regard the divisions horizontally i.e. by class: plantation owners (oligarchs/plutocrats/the 1% – the extremely wealthy) | slave drivers (politicians, media, bankers, financiers, corporations, militaries, national intelligence, compromised NGOs, private foundations) | slaves (us/the 99%).

A bold claim, but bear with me.

Any obsession with the illusion of the former distracts from the reality of the latter. Much of the ill we experience is class warfare; the profit-making system – rapacious, unsustainable capitalism – depends on it.

It is why all the Trump hysteria (1, 2) and Biden/Obama fanaticism is pointless. On a policy level, it’s the same: they pose the same threat via bombs, sanctions and coups. The Pentagon still has a near trillion-dollar annual budget, and the gamblers on Wall Street still get bailed out by public funds. Meanwhile, at least 38 million Americans live in poverty, 50 million go hungry and 2.3 million are in prison. Bush or Obama, Trump or Biden, whoever occupies the White House still dices with the fate of the world. Like Julius Nyerere, first President of Tanzania, said, “The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them.”

The next part is United States of Capital.

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