IWNSPTB IV: United States of Capital

People focus on the U.S. since – apart from global trade taking place in the U.S. dollar, etc. – they represent the greatest threat to world peace and environmental sustainability. Looking elsewhere is like worrying about the guy with a yo-yo, ignoring the guy carrying an AR-15.

Caitlin Johnstone writes, “The US empire is by far the worst warmongering imperialist force on the planet. […] It is true that other governments do evil things; […] Obviously Russia, China and other unabsorbed governments are no exception to this rule. But the US is worse, by orders of magnitude.” Again, Johnstone says, “I focus on America because it’s the head of the beast. […] it’s where most of the military firepower and money is concentrated…”

The United States of America is a country founded on genocide and built by slavery (1, 2). Vishwas Satgar writes, “…the US is a deeply racist society for historical reasons related to genocidal violence against indigenous peoples, its own colonial expansions, slavery, Jim Crow segregation, racialised immigration regimes, white nationalism and its imperial role in the world.”

Luciana Bhone says, “There is only one conspiracy: posing as democracy, US capitalism exploits the people by any means possible.”

Watch Nelson Mandela explain U.S. aggression here.

America routinely bullies the African Union, European Union and United Nations. It habitually invades, overthrows (Afghanistan, Libya, Bolivia, Venezuela, etc.) or antagonizes (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) sovereign nations that refuse to bend the knee to Corporate America.

The next part is War Machine.

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