IWNSPTB VII: Traditionally Awful

Oppressive systems of the past were mostly profit-making enterprises. Colonialism certainly was. In Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India, Shashi Tharoor details how Britain gorged itself on India during colonial occupation. Britain stole 45 trillion dollars from India during this period. Likewise, slavery was a profit-driven undertaking.

The policy of Apartheid in South Africa also had much to do with money. In Freedom Next Time, John Pilger writes, “[Apartheid’s] lifeblood flowed from the British imperial legacy of Cecil Rhodes and other ‘men of commerce and industry’, who at the turn of the twentieth century stole the land, resources and economic birthright of the majority.”

Hennie Van Vuuren further makes the case in Apartheid Guns and Money: A Tale of Profit. Van Vuuren writes, “In complete secrecy, allies in corporations, banks, governments and intelligence agencies helped move cash, illegally supply guns and create the apartheid arms money machine. […] They were all complicit in a crime against humanity. Motivated by ideology or kinship most sought to simply profit from the war.”

The same principles underlying abominable systems of the past exist today, applied in more evolved, sinister forms.

The next part is Liars and Thieves.

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