Covid Denier

This is Part 4 of Covid-19: Sceptics Have Reasons.

“We are asking political questions. We are questioning the apocalypticism of the discussion around Covid-19. We are questioning the government’s use of the politics of fear, even of terror, to force compliance with its lockdown measures. We are asking why the entire population had to be locked down, decommissioned, for almost a whole year instead of being galvanised to the dual task of keeping society going and assisting in looking after social groups that do require shielding. We are asking for a breakdown of the health and economic costs of the lockdown. We are asking why the state hasn’t found a way to continue educating children. We are asking when our liberties will be returned. We are asking if there might have been another way. We sceptics have nothing to be ashamed of. The shame belongs to those who have tried to crush dissent and who have defamed critics of lockdown, because they are killing something that is absolutely central to every free society – the right to ask if what we are doing is wrong.”

“Don’t you dare call us ‘Covid deniers’” (Spiked)

Most people labelled “Covid Denier” have been misunderstood. I can’t speak for all sceptics, but when we were told there’s a plague upon humanity, we practiced due diligence. We asked for evidence. We asked for information: origin, risk, symptoms, affordable treatments (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), evidence-backed mitigation strategies. We questioned the social, economic and political dimensions.

It appears the majority did not. Few, if any, bothered to look – at the actual severity, at the costs, at the consequences, at the sustainability. They just heard: be scared, and they were. They secured themselves in their comfortable homes and howled about corpses in the streets.

Source: The Guardian

When we talk about losing our freedom, people imagine Proud Boys in star-spangled jumpsuits shouting about guns. No, we’re talking about not being reduced to cubicle inhabitants whose only purpose is to consume infotainment, junk food and work – either in warehouses or remotely for technocrats.

“Covid Deniers” are choosing sanity over a false sense of safety against a campaign of fear for political and financial gain.

We have forgotten a lot. How to think and feel on our own. How to read and comprehend. We forgot that people die, that infections can kill. Especially when it’s the holidays; especially under this amount of stress, after experiencing loss; after being less active, exposed, social and wise about nutrition. We have forgotten how vital the normal functioning of society is.

If you have kept faith with the media, I can’t see a reason for it. Governments, and the corporations they’re beholden to, are notoriously opaque, letting out only what serves their agenda, spinning the rest. I understand that looking is hard work.

Sceptics are not all saying the virus is imaginary or does not have the potential to kill. We lose hundreds of thousands of people to respiratory illnesses a year. But based on what we know, we know who is especially at risk: sickly or elderly people – as they are from any infection. We also know that there is almost nothing we can do – that humanity has done successfully before – to halt a viral wave. Clearly, that is the case; knee-jerk policies have accomplished almost nothing.

Here are the two biggest questions:

  1. Will lockdowns exact an even bigger toll than the virus let rip?
  2. Clearly, the virus has become the pretext for authorities to consolidate control, loot and claim more power. How can we tolerate this?

The profiteering is clear to see. We are saying – and it’s not just a few quacks; many prominent, qualified voices echo the sentiment – that there is clearly a political and economic agenda. Our enforced (coerced) myopic focus on just one potential cause of death is preventing us from perceiving the full extent of the collateral damage. Don’t just believe me, the fearmongering media, or the screenshots on WhatsApp and Facebook; look at the statistics, the studies, the investigations, the commentary of myriad specialists, past hospitalizations and infections; the actual causes of deaths and the efficacy and impact of the extreme countermeasures.

Source: Forbes

We must scrutinize those in charge of humanity’s response:

You can’t dismiss people as conspiracy theorists for theorizing on the conspiracy of billionaires and corporations financing policies and bankrolling news that serve their pocket:

Financial interests cannot be ignored. Examining the numerous conflicts of interests involving the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) – advisor to the U.K. on Covid-19 – Dr Zoë Harcombe finds:

Narrative managers study ways to generate public compliance:


What many are denying is the claim that we’re doing right by humanity, that the response is backed by science, and not simply the wish list of insanely wealthy people and complicit institutions who want to grab more wealth and power. That’s why, be wary of malfeasance: misleading PCR tests, inflated statistics, overcounting, misdiagnosis of symptoms, misclassification of deaths, etc.

The mob calling others selfish and complacent can be accused of a few things:

  1. Shaming people for being human and not following unprecedented, unverified, largely ineffective, public mandates.
  2. Wanting public policy to be dictated by their subjective experiences. Authorities should be objective – balancing any burden of Covid against the cost of the NPIs, vaccines, etc.
  3. Not being diligent in finding evidence to base their fear on. Hearsay, secondhand accounts, media hysteria and unverified claims from Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. is not proof; not reasons to shutdown and alter everything, and demand others do the same.
  4. Virtue-signalling – claiming the moral high ground simply because their germaphobia is being validated by the media (who serve corporate interests profiting off of public fear).
  5. Myopia and cognitive dissonance – seeing things from their narrow, personal experience and ignoring the socio-economic devastation and cultural degradation wrought by mitigation strategies and new policies relative to the impact of the virus.
  6. Moral cowardice – out of fear of running contrary to the mainstream narrative, of being labelled a “conspiracy theorist”, “anti-vaxxer” or some other weaponized slur used to dismiss valid points without argument, people are accepting, complying with and even defending measures that are clearly devastating.
An actual group

What those of us on this side of the argument are asking for is an objective, transparent and evidence-backed approach. If we could (or even should) undertake any public mitigation strategies, those should save more lives than they cost. That is not the case. In fact, public policy dictators have been found looting, profiteering and power-grabbing. This period has been exceptionally good for the wealthy, especially in a year that was meant to experience a global recession. 

It is important to scrutinize corporate influence on Covid-19 responses.

As over 225 million jobs were lost worldwide, the world’s richest have seen their fortunes skyrocket.

There is clearly an economic agenda disguised as public health policy.

Proceed to Pandemics Must End.

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