Pandemics Must End

This is Part 5 – the conclusion – of Covid-19: Sceptics Have Reasons.

A closer look at the situation highlights that the virus alone is not half as dangerous as claimed, while the countermeasures have been, and will continue to be, disastrous for the general population. Every negative statistic has increased: anxiety, depression, overdoses, suicide, unemployment, small business closures, delays to medical care, school failures, debt, poverty, hunger…

I believe, if this is about anything, it’s about further enriching the rich, empowering the powerful and domesticating the masses – another application of Shock Doctrine, of colonialism.

Have you looked at the real impact of Covid-19 on life expectancy? You will find that the measures compound actual habits and circumstances that shorten your life: fear, loneliness, poor diet, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

Financial interests first and foremost

Facts, not fear, should drive pandemic responses. While the application of science and technology must be guided by morals and ethics.

Don’t take my word for it. Follow the links (I’ve done my best to vet them); call out lies and inaccuracies. This is about your life, your job, your business, your children – it’s important. We should not just do unprecedented, unproven things because we are told to. Especially when the cost is massive. The words of authorities/experts are not inherently good. If you ignore everything else, then I recommend you at least engage with the following:

Likewise, there are many repositories of compelling knowledge. If you want commentary from experts, consider:

I’ll end with a personal testimony of what’s lost. I mainly hung out with four other guys during high school. We had a system to eat lunch together. Each of us brought four slices. We’d open one lunchbox every round. There were five rounds. To ensure everyone ate the same amount, every round, two people shared half. Every person gave half once. And received half once. It was fair. It was fun.

Will children ever do that again?

We are not just vectors of disease. We are people. People taken for a ride far too often.

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