Exhibition II

Exhibition was a garbage pile of my favorite doodles. Besides that, I have posted a myriad of (hypothetical) book, movie, and speech snippets; adverts; campaigns; and memes. This is a collection of those posts; I’ve put them here before the masters Zuckerberg, Dorsey or Gates kick me off their platforms for…being too cool?

A brief description of my social media odyssey
Excerpt from my Quarantine Diary
PSA when they (no one) attempted to cancel me
Excerpt from my book: Puzzling from Them Days
Excerpt from Closest to Hell, the foundational whitepaper of #shortlivesmatter
Preview for my TED Talk: What do women want?
From the biography of my country music persona, Haze Bliksem
SCUM operates in over 0 countries
Love > Group Areas Act
Had to settle for S.C.U.M4 -ZN
Lifestyle gurus reckon we need to plan our days out for maximum efficiency and fulfillment. So I did
Don’t force these people to reach for respect
The fans are insatiable
You wanted Democracy. Democracy is hard
I have petitioned the presidency to add this to the high school syllabus.
(They won the league anyway. Shame, they ugly)
SCUM is the only party to ask why we have another country inside our country
Momma Clause 1/2
Momma Claus 2/2. I’m selling the script for fifty thousand dollars
The price is gone up now but I throw in masks, I guess
Why must adults close their eyes while washing their hair?
Facebook chose instead to become a platform for Straight Choonz and school girl fights
We got Vin Diesel to play Meathead. He thought it was another Fast and the Furious
Sam died (gunshot)
Santa wants his revenge for being banished to the North Pole
There is now; it’s the beginning of my novel The Baby is Crying
There were chancers
People accused this of plagiarism when their whole life is plagiarism
Because I lived in a bad neighborhood
Now I am an emancipated dolphin trainer
“I got a PhD in Keeping it Real and tenure at the School of Hard Knocks.” – Mr. Dr. Prof Naven Naidoo
From A View From Down Here: Too Tall for a Dwarf, Too Short for a Man
Instead of lifting the heavy thing, call your mother and apologize
For fans of Miss Congeniality
Desire to Inspire (before you Expire)
Already being rebooted as a straight-to-Netflix snoozefest
I liked when Aragorn made everyone bow to the hobbits
The End is Naidoo will be completed in 2027. Please don’t torrent it

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